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Rain Gardens – Why they are important during a drought

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Pervious paving at native demo garden,  Taylor & Walnut, San Jose Pervious paving at native demo garden, Taylor & Walnut, San Jose

We’re in the middle of a drought crisis… why the heck should I care about rain gardens? It’s a simple answer… since nearly half of the water we use comes from groundwater, the less rain we have the more important it is to protect and preserve that groundwater.

I’ve provided plant lists and data sheets about rain gardens and related subjects that you can download. They are located in the right column, at the very bottom, in the flash_widget. The following documents are available for download:

  1. Plant List, SCVURPPP
  2. Plant List, Master Gardeners
  3. Rain Gardens, BASMAA
  4. Rain Barrels, BASMAA
  5. Pervious Paving, BASMAA
  6. Stormwater Control for Small Projects, BASMAA
  7. Ten Top Tips for Creeks, SCVWD

Rain gardens – and their kin – are good for the environment, great for wildlife and important to you and me!


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